Common Car Warning Signs To Be Aware Of

Common Car Warning Signs To Be Aware Of

All vehicle owners should be aware of these warning signs.

Having car problems is never fun, especially when you don’t know the leading cause of the problem. Although vehicles didn’t historically come with warning signs, nowadays vehicles have a number of signals and lights that tell us when there’s an issue. This helps people to stay on top of the maintenance of their vehicles and fix the issues before they spiral. It’s a good idea for car owners to know what the warning signals mean on their vehicle. That way, they aren’t left wondering what happened to their car and can easily describe the problem to a towing company when calling for roadside assistance. Below, we’ll talk about the 4 most common vehicle warning signs and what they mean:

1. Check Engine Light

The engine of a vehicle is the heart of the automobile. In order for a car to run, the engine needs to be kept in pristine condition. Since the engine is such a main component, it is very complex and has many parts. When your check engine light goes on or is flashing, you should get your vehicle checked out immediately. The check engine light will only go on if there is a significant problem. Therefore, you should call your local towing company or automobile shop right away for an appointment. The check engine light showing could mean that there’s an issue with the oxygen sensor or the fuel cap. 

2. Oil Pressure Light

Another common warning sign to go off in a vehicle is the oil pressure light. If your oil pressure light begin blinking, you should pull off the road immediately and get an appointment as soon as possible. This light indicates that your vehicle is in immediate danger and needs repair very quickly. The oil pressure light typically means there’s a problem with your oil pipe and that oil cannot be distributed properly. In order for the oil to move around in your vehicle, the oil pipe needs to be in fully working order. The light could indicate that your vehicle has experienced an oil leak, has low oil pressure or damage to your engine has occurred. 

3. Battery Light

If something is wrong with your car’s charging system, then you battery light will flash on. This warning signal isn’t as dangerous as the previous two signals but it still needs to be looked after. It’s normal for your battery light to blink when you start your car. However, if it continues to flash or your car continuously rolls over and won’t start, then there may be an issue to your vehicle’s battery. In most cases this issue is just the battery, but it could also be caused by the wiring, voltage, regulator, or alternator. Other problems could include a broken or failed alternator belt and/or damaged battery cells. To be on the safe side, when you see your battery light on, you should call to get an appointment to figure out the real problem. If your car fails you, don’t be afraid to call a towing company like Belleville Towing to help you out. 

4. Smoke From the Exhaust Pipe

This warning sign doesn’t always include a flashing light. If you notice black smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe, something is very wrong in your vehicle. Black smoke is usually associated with a problem in your engine, air filter, fuel injection system or it could be a blocked manifold. Whichever caused the issue, it needs immediate attention. 

You should not only be on the lookout for black smoke, but blue smoke as well. If you notice blue smoke coming out of you exhaust pipe, this is commonly an indication that your vehicle has an oil leak. Blue smoke when execrating can mean that the piston rings in your vehicle are damaged. If you notice blue smoke while your decelerating, it could mean your cars cylinder heads’ value guides are damaged. Just like black smoke, you should pull over and call a towing company immediately if you notice blue smoke coming from your vehicle.

Not only is there black and blue smoke, but persistent milky white or grey smoke is possible too. This colour of smoke can indicate that there’s an issue with a leaky head gasket in your car. This means that your coolant is being heated by your combustion chambers and is being blown out of the exhaust as your engine starts. If you notice any colour of smoke coming out of your vehicle, its best to call a Belleville tow truck right away. 

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In any situations above or if other problems arise, you should call a towing company for assistance. Whether you need a car towing or just a professional to look over your vehicle, Belleville Towing Company is here to help. If your vehicle breaks down in Belleville, Quinte West, Trenton, Picton, Napanee or anywhere else in the Qunite region, contact none other that Belleville Towing for help.


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