Common Roadside Emergencies in Quinte and How to Avoid Them

Common Roadside Emergencies in Quinte and How to Avoid Them

Everyone is aware of the anxiety a broken down car can cause, especially on the busy Belleville and Quinte West roadways. Although some of us are not equipped to handle emergencies, having precautionary advice makes things go much more smoothly.  If you’re prepared, common roadside emergencies are easy to handle or even can be avoided completely! Below are 4 common roadside emergencies and tips on how to handle the situation:

1. Flat Tire

One of the most common roadside emergencies and need for a tow truck is a flat tire. Whether they are caused by wear and tear, potholes, or another type of road hazard, flat tires are inconvenient and very dangerous. Before a big road trip, check your tire pressure and make sure you have appropriate tires for the conditions you’ll be driving in. 

Now if you blow a tire, before doing anything else, safely slow down and pull over to the side of the road. After this you have two options. Either fix the tire on your own (if you know how) or call a towing service to assist you. You should always keep a spare tire in your vehicle, which helps in either situation. To make sure your spare tire is good, inspect it on a regular basis.

2. Running Out of Fuel

Everyone has experienced or felt the agony of slowing down as their vehicle comes to a stop with an empty tank. We know, it’s awful. People are honking, you’re stressed, and cars are speeding past aggressively.

Most people are good at filling up their vehicle before they run out of gas. But if it does happen, safely move off the road and turn on your hazard lights. Next call a towing company for roadside assistance. Walking on the side of the road to find a gas station is dangerous especially at night or on a busy roadway. Simply call a towing service and they will tow your vehicle to a local gas station or deliver gas to you.

3. Dead Battery

The majority of car batteries don’t require a lot of upkeep. But if your battery dies, there might be a real problem. Your battery usage can be reduced by doing something as simple as turning off the radio, the AC, and your lights when the car is not in use. Because batteries lose power with age, it’s important to know how old your car battery is and what kind of guarantee it has.

A dead battery can usually be easily fixed with some jumper cables and assistance from another person. It’s usually a good idea to keep jumper wires in the back of your car since you never know if someone passing by will have them! If you don’t own any, and nobody nearby is able to help, calling your towing company is always a steadfast backup in Belleville or Quinte West. 

4. Rear-Ending, Wildlife Avoidance, and Collisions

There are numerous causes for collisions;  unsafe road conditions, distractions, frustration, and even abrupt interference from wildlife. Paying strict attention to the road and avoiding speeding are the easiest ways to prevent any form of collision. This is particularly crucial in places with wildlife indications.

Even though we all think of ourselves as safe drivers, we don’t always have control over the road . Always maintain composure, and keep a firm hold on the driving wheel for quick reflexes.


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