When To Use Flatbed Towing

When To Use Flatbed Towing

Under what circumstances should you use flatbed towing?

Flatbed towing is a popular towing service provided by towing service providers. Depending on the situation, there are various types of towing trucks that can be hired. In some cases, flatbed towing trucks are the best option for you and your vehicle. In this blog, we will look at some of the situations and circumstances where flatbed towing is a better option.

Low Cars And Vehicles

The first time flatbed towing will come in handy is when you need to move your low profile, dropped project cars, or naturally low vehicles from one location to another. Low cars are difficult to load onto a tilted deck or other types of towing vehicles, such as towing dollies, because they damage the car’s body and suspension. When transporting low vehicles from one location to another, it’s best to exercise caution.

When Your Vehicle Is Heavy

Towing dollies are capable of safely towing lighter vehicles. They should not be used to tow larger, heavier vehicles or cars. Flatbed tow trucks are ideal for this purpose. They are designed to handle heavy vehicles while also protecting the vehicle from wear and tear. When non-professional towing service providers use towing dollies to tow heavy cars and vehicles, they risk damaging not only the towing vehicle but also the client’s vehicle.

When Towing 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Flatbed towing is ideal in this situation for 4-wheel drive vehicles since they operate on all four wheels. If you choose not to use a flatbed tow truck,  only the front tyres of your 4-wheel drive vehicle will be lifted, and the rear wheels dragging on the road, which can severely damage the transmission.

Flatbed towing trucks tow the vehicles by carrying it with all four wheels on its deck. Since all four wheels are on the deck, this saves the transmission on the 4-wheel drive vehicle.

When Towing Classic Cars

Classic and vintage vehicles are priceless to collectors, and no one can put a monetary value on these works of art. The last thing a car collector wants to happen to their prized possession is for it to be damaged while being towed by a tow truck. When transporting classic cars, flatbed towing is the only safe towing option. A flatbed tow truck will carefully pull the car onto the bed where it will sit level and safe the entire ride.

These classic masterpieces must be handled with care while being transported. Collectors of classic cars should only hire truly professional towing companies to ensure that the vehicles are handled with care. Belleville Towing Company has what it takes to tow classic cars.

When You’re Short On Time

Time is valuable, especially when you need a towing company to transport your vehicle and you from your current location to wherever you need to go. A flatbed towing truck does not drag the car behind it, as it takes more time. The flatbed truck can transport your vehicle on its deck and get you to your destination faster.

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